Our Conservation Projects

At Wildlight Safaris, we love nature and the great outdoors, and we wish to ensure it remains beautiful for future generations to enjoy. Through local conservation initiatives, we aim to educate, inspire, and protect New Zealand’s wilderness.

Cameras for Conservation was created to place donated cameras into the hands of children. Our vision is to educate New Zealand children about the environment, encourage them to investigate local conservation initiatives, and increase their appreciation of the stunning New Zealand landscape—all through the medium of photography. Through their own photographic journey, our hope is they too will make a meaningful connection with nature and become stewards of the environment.

We organize local photographers and conservationists to partner with local schools as mentors and educators. We work with the students to integrate the camera into an existing environmental study and then provide a platform to showcase their images through an annual photo competition.

To help ensure the conservation and regeneration of New Zealand’s native forests, Wildlight Safaris is actively involved in the Mountain Beech Forest regeneration initiative. This project educates local youth about the environment, regenerates native forest through planting programs, and grows native seedlings at the Glenorchy Primary School Native Nursery.

This native nursery is a non-profit education project. Its success is judged on the inspiration our children gain from embracing conservation and the pride they feel through participation.

The initiative is funded from contributions made through tourism, so by spending the day with Wildlight Safaris, you directly contribute to local conservation. If you would like to contribute further, we invite you to do so. You may wish to plant several trees, one for each member of your family, perhaps make a small donation to the nursery or support it over a longer period.

Please contact patricia@widlightsafaris.com or talk with your guide if you would like to contribute further.

Just off the west coast of New Zealand sits the Bois Gentil Crèche. This ‘Friendly Forest’ crèche is a 12-hectare predator-free haven where kiwi birds can grow safely. Opened in 2010, the crèche has raised 26 great spotted kiwi chicks, from hatching until they are healthy enough and strong enough to be returned to the wild.

As there is limited knowledge available about the great spotted kiwi, the crèche carefully monitors the birds and collects information about their activity. Wildlight Safaris has combined efforts with the crèche by installing ten motion-activated trail cameras throughout the protected land. With these cameras, we can monitor kiwi activity and gather data without any disturbance to the birds. It is our hope that the information obtained from the footage will improve our understanding of this elusive, endangered species and thus improve our ability to protect it.

We continue to work with the crèche on their conservation efforts, gathering camera footage, tracking patterns, and developing ideas to further safeguard kiwi chicks.

Please contact patricia@wildlightsafaris.com if you wish to become involved in protecting our beloved kiwi.

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