Planting Native Trees

Getting Down in the Dirt with Glenorchy School The team at Wildlight Safaris is passionate about nature, the environment, and conservation — it is the guiding force of all that we do. We also love inspiring others to join in on our efforts to preserve our beautiful New Zealand wilderness. Check out what we’ve been doing for […]

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How to take stunning winter photos

As we prepare for the first snowfall of the year, some of us imagine starting our fires and hanging up the camera until warmer weather invites us outside. But for those brave enough to endure the cold, you will be rewarded! For us, winter equates with stunning light, dramatic skies, and of course: snow. Winter […]

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Why we love guided walks

In the modern world, it’s all too easy to travel independently. We can do everything ourselves with just the click of a button. We can arrange transport, download maps, and learn all about our travel destination before we leave. But for us, we can’t really get to know a place or truly understand its culture […]

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A conservation weekend with Wildlight Safaris

Our team at Wildlight Safaris recently set out on a seven-hour journey to the West Coast to install ten motion-activated trail cameras in the rain. Why? For Tuhuru. Though only a few months old, he is already a national symbol. We had the great fortune of meeting Tuhuru, who is evidently a real explorer. While […]

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Why we love photo workshops

As photographers, we often go out photographing alone—there is something so tranquil about being alone with your camera and the scenery. While we highly recommend this experience as a regular practice, we also want to highlight the benefits of a photographic workshop. Even with fifteen years of experience in the field, our team of professional […]

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Contribute to Conservation

The Glenorchy Primary School, the local school near the Wildlight Safaris base, has a strong commitment to the environment. The students are involved in many community projects, such as rearing chickens, painting murals, and creating an edible garden. This school is a place to learn and a place to grow, and it is clear that […]

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