As photographers, we often go out photographing alone—there is something so tranquil about being alone with your camera and the scenery. While we highly recommend this experience as a regular practice, we also want to highlight the benefits of a photographic workshop. Even with fifteen years of experience in the field, our team of professional photographers continues to find value in workshops. Photographic workshops offer many advantages which simply cannot be gained in other settings.


First, we can photograph with people who share our passions. We can laugh together, applaud our successes, and relate to each other. We can appreciate what we’re seeing from a different perspective, collaborating knowledge, techniques, and ideas. With others at our side, we can notice things we hadn’t noticed before. This environment creates an inspiring energy and dynamic that we can’t find anywhere else.

Second, just because we are seasoned photographers doesn’t mean we don’t have room to improve. We learn something new on every workshop, whether it’s gear, techniques, or post-production skills. We also find it incredibly valuable to have someone at our side providing tips and constructive critique. This kind of personalised instruction diversifies and improves our images. Plus, since workshops take place out in the field, we can put our new knowledge into practice immediately and incorporate the new skills into a photographic repertoire.

Third, everything is already organised. There is no need to plan, no need to worry, no need to check our watches. This is critical when traveling in a new environment. The stress of organising transportation, maps, and scheduling can often take out the fun of photography. We simply don’t want to waste valuable time on arranging the details—we want to immerse ourselves in creativity.

Fourth and finally, we don’t always have access to certain photographic opportunities. Sometimes, we don’t even know where those opportunities are! We would have missed so many perfect shots if not for the help of local photographic guides. With their intimate understand of the region, they can direct us to locations at the best time of year, the best time of day, and the best point of access. They are also so familiar with the landscape that they can teach you how to read it and understand it yourself. They can provide a context and a meaning for the location. Gaining a deep appreciation for the place you are photographing ultimately results in better images and brings your photography alive.

When planning your next photographic expedition, don’t forget to consider the advantages of a workshop setting. With a small group workshop customised to your needs and experience level, you are sure to return home with spectacular images, new skills, and lifelong friends.

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